Most of my latest work is on here.

Journal articles

Kanai, A. & McGrane, C. (2020). ‘Feminist filter bubbles: ambivalence, vigilance and labour’. Information, Communication and Society.

Oppegaard, B., Zeffiro, A., Hildebrand, J. M., Frith, J., Hjorth, L., McGrane, C., Schmit Weiss, A. & Goggin, G. (2020). ‘Locative Media Ethics: A Call for Protocols to Guide Interactions of People, Places, and Technologies’. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly. 97(1), 13-29.

Book Chapters

McGrane, C. (2020). ‘“Amplify Your Feminism: Social Media and Feminist Locative Art’ in The Routledge Companion to Mobile Media Art. Hjorth, L., de Souza e Silva, A. & Lanson, K. (Eds).


I used to moonlight as an arts and culture critic, you can read those words here.